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Small is Good in Tribute Video Production

The leveling of the playing field has opened up vast horizons.

I started small. Well, yes, as a baby, but what I mean is...

When I got into business I started small.

Two slide projectors and a tape recorder


Ten year later, and we're moving into video. The minimum price of entry was two Sony 3/4" decks and a cuts only editor.

That was in order to be considered even on a small scale some form of "professional". A three chip camera and a portable 3/4" recorder, and you were in business.

Audio Sweetening was a couple of 4 or 8 track tape decks (reel to reel) and a mixer. SMPTE time code tied it all together.

If you wanted to jazz the video up, you went to a post production company with the high end graphics, motion effects, and color correction you needed.

Eventually things got smaller, partially thanks to computers, and partially because of the miniaturization of imaging technology.

Small cameras, non-linear editing, digital audio.

The post houses were suddenly begging for business. But we did as much as we could ourselves, only "farming out" things like 3D graphics and occasional original music.

That meant we made more money.

Today, when we talk about miniaturization, we're talking iPhones, digital cameras, DSLR videography, and smaller and smaller "professional" or "prosumer" camcorders. These are tools ideally suited for Tribute Video Productions.

So never argue your tools aren't there, cause unless you have no money, there's a way if you have a laptop or desktop and an iphone or hi-quality Android phone. Don't let those scared pro's who see their shrinking user base convince you otherwise.

I've got my laptop, my editing program, a photo scanner The and a small camera and microphone. That and a music library, well, what more do I need?! This can be your start into producing effective, affordable Tribute Video Productions.

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