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What is a "Tribute"?

Stories of the Lives and Events of Persons and Institutions

Lee family portrait from a tribute video
I did my first "Tribute" when I was 21, a farewell to the Marquette College of Journalism's retiring Dean, disguised as a "year in review". It was at a large annual gathering of students and faculty, and it was an emotional time-- the college protest years of the late 60's. And the booze was flowing.
In a mix of movie music, fading and dissolving slides, and big screen projection, the crowd was transfixed for 15 minutes as they saw the people and events of the year, and a finale of crescendoing music and scenes of the dean packing up and driving off into the sunset. The tears flowed, the applause rang out, and I knew this "tribute" business would be come a lifetime calling.
It defined the audio-visual "tribute" for me-- a large screen montage of music, pictures, and other elements (interviews, timely pop culture references) that celebrate the life, occasion or career of one or more people in an emotional and memorable "movie".
That definition has held true for me for going on 44 years. Yes, I'm that old, but with age and repetition comes experience.
Thank You Frame from Video
In these pages I will discuss the methods of envisioning, planning and creating mind-blowing, eye-bleeding, gut wrenching, applause-earning tributes for your family, coworkers, loved ones, or even just because.
We'll discuss successes and failures, techniques and technologies, and help you get a start in trying your own hand at creating life changing tributes, memorials, life stories, personality portraits, legacy stories, and more.
We'll offer examples and tools that will help you on your way to a great hobby or career. 
We hope you'll join us.
Brien Lee
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